Safe Work Practices

Safe Work Practices has practical, up-to-date, safety information to protect your workers. The first chapter has general safety rules that apply to everyone. The rest of the book has separate chapters which are similar the organization of an electric utility: Transmission, Distribution, Metering, Substations, Generation, and Telecommunications. Because of this efficient organization, each worker needs to study only the first chapter, and the one chapter that covers his/her part of the company. Most other safety manuals have a negative "thou shall not..." tone which makes them a drag to read. This manual has a helpful positive tone. In a positive way, it shown how to perform more than 1500 tasks safely. Safe Work Practices was developed at Tampa Electric and serves as their internal safety manual. It has been edited by Alexander Publications to be generic and usable by any utility or contractor.

Also available on disk in editable Word format.
Edit the text to fit your local standards and publish your own safety manual. 

5-1/2" x 8-1/2 " 239 pages, by Tampa Electric and Alexander Publications

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