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This 52-minute video describes basic safety principles and practices applicable to work on overhead lines. Covers proper attitude, preplanning, care and inspection of equipment, and creation of a safe work area. Describes electrical and structural hazards associated with overhead line maintenance, and what to do to avoid them. Explains how to identify, care for, inspect, and use protective equipment when working near energized lines and equipment. Covers procedures for working aloft, and how to perform a fast and safe poletop rescue.

Training Sessions

Introduction to Safety – 9 minutes
Explains why proper attitude is an important part of safety on the job. Describes major types of hazards associated with overhead line maintenance. Explains why proper equipment storage is an important safety practice.

Care and Use of Safety Equipment – 10 minutes
Describes safety equipment commonly used in overhead line maintenance. Demonstrates proper testing and maintenance of safety equipment. Demonstrates proper use of safety equipment.

Climbing Safety – 7 minutes
Demonstrates how to: store climbing equipment, inspect climbing equipment, inspect a pole for rot, guy a pole.

Electrical Hazards – 8 minutes
How to identify primary circuits in different configurations, including energized jumpers. Covers grounds and grounded equipment. Demonstrates how to use insulating covers to create a safe work area.

Safety With Tools and Equipment – 10 minutes
Demonstrates safe methods of using tools and equipment associated with overhead line maintenance.

Poletop Rescue – 8 minutes
Demonstrates the proper method of tying a lowering hitch. Describes proper procedures for lowering an electrical shock victim from a pole.

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