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This 58-minute video explains how to make single-phase and three-phase service connections. It demonstrates how to make residential service connections from underground and from overhead services. Also shows how to make three-phase connections, how to install a parallel service, and how to replace a three-phase service without interrupting the customer.

Training Sessions

Service Connectors – 6 minutes
Identifies common service connector hardware.

Making Service Connections – 9 minutes
For given applications, selects an appropriate service connector and, if needed, the appropriate die and compression tool. Describes four basic steps for making a service connection.

Overhead Residential Service Installation – 8 minutes
Describes how to hang a single-phase service at a residential weatherhead. Shows how to connect a residential service at a weatherhead. Describes how to pull a single-phase service and connect it to a secondary main.

Underground Residential Service Installation – 12 minutes
Describes how to connect a single-phase underground service at a meter box. Describes how to connect a single-phase service at a pad-mounted transformer.

Backfeed, Short, and Jumper Tests – 8 minutes
Explains the importance of testing for backfeed, phase-to-ground shorts, and jumpers, and demonstrates how to test for these conditions.

Three-Phase Service Installation – 6 minutes
Describes how to install a three-phase service.

Three-Phase Service Replacement – 9 minutes
Describes how to replace a three-phase service without interrupting service to the customer.

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Service Installation - Study Guide
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