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Substation Battery, Cell and Charger Replacement - Instant Video



The key components of a DC control system include the battery, the individual cells in the battery, and the battery charger. As these components age, or as load requirements change, it is sometimes necessary to replace components to ensure that the control system fulfills its functions. Because these tasks are a common part of DC system maintenance, substation personnel need to be familiar with how they are carried out.This 32-minute video describes general procedures associated with the replacement of substation batteries, battery cells, and battery chargers.

Training Sessions

Cell Replacement – 7 minutes
Describes the basic steps for bypassing a cell in a battery that is in service by connecting a new cell in parallel with the bad cell. Describes the basic steps for bypassing a cell in a battery that is in service using a diode and jumpers.

Battery Removal – 8 minutes
Describes the basic steps for paralleling an auxiliary battery with a house battery. Describes how to take a house battery out of its DC circuit. Describes how to disassemble a house battery and remove the cells from their battery rack.

Battery Installation – 9 minutes
Describes the basic steps for installing a new battery in a DC control system.

Battery Charger Replacement – 8 minutes
Describes the basic procedures for removing a battery charger from service and placing a new battery charger in service.

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