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Substation Battery Chargers - Instant Video



A DC control system is a critical emergency power source for substation devices that protect and control transmission and distribution systems. The battery charger is a key part of the DC control system. This 27-minute video describes the functions and components of a substation battery charger, its role in a DC control system, different types of charges that the charger may apply to a battery, and common charger inspection and adjustment steps.

Training Sessions

Charger Functions and Components – 5 minutes
Describes the functions of a typical substation battery charger. Lists the common components of battery chargers and describe the function of each.

DC Control System – 4 minutes
Describes the layout of a typical DC control system. Describes the principles of how a DC control system works.

Freshening Charge – 7 minutes
Defines freshening charge and describes the basic steps for applying a freshening charge. Explains when a freshening charge is applied to a battery.

Float and Equalizing Charges – 5 minutes
Defines float charge and equalizing charge. Explains when each of the two charges is applied to a battery. Describes the basic steps for applying each of the two charges.

Charger Inspection and Adjustment – 6 minutes
Describes common charger inspection and adjustment steps.

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