Substation Construction Guidelines

Substation Construction Guidelines describes all the steps in building new substations, or expanding existing substations. The book is organized as a collection of work practices. Each practice can be examined individually, and reviewed before performing that task. The work practices show how to install and test circuit breakers, power transformers, surge arresters, disconnects, voltage regulators, reactors and capacitors, batteries, and CTs and VTs. It covers safety in substations, how to read substation one-line drawings, installing station ground grids, how to pour and test concrete, rigging practices, erecting steel structures and buses, grounding equipment and fences, installing and testing control devices, and commissioning a substation. Well-illustrated with drawings and photos, including a 60-photos documentary of the construction of a new substation in Tennessee.

8” x 10” 383 pages, by NJATC and Alexander Publications

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