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This 53-minute video describes why and how temporary structures can be used to support transmission lines. Presents circumstances that could lead to a need for temporary structures. Demonstrates positioning, assembly, and guying of a temporary structure. Explains how to transfer lines to a temporary structure.

Training Sessions

Introduction – 9 minutes
Describes several types of permanent transmission structures. Identifies the components of a permanent structure. States conditions that can lead to the failure of a permanent structure. Identifies factors that must be considered before a temporary structure is built.

Planning Temporary Structures – 6 minutes
Covers factors that should be considered when planning the construction of a temporary structure.

Foundations and Anchors – 7 minutes
Explains the functions of temporary structure foundations and anchors. Describes types of foundations and anchors used to build temporary structures.

Tower Assembly and Erection – 12 minutes
Describes factors that determine where a tower is assembled. The components of a typical tower. Shows methods of erecting a tower.

Tower Assembly, Part 1 – 8 minutes
Describes a general procedure for the installation of foundations and anchors for a temporary structure. Shows a general procedure for tower assembly.

Tower Assembly, Part 2, and Line Attachment – 11 minutes
Describes a general procedure for erecting the first and second towers of a four-tower temporary structure. Explains how to attach one phase of transmission line.

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