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Testing and Calibrating Demand Meters - Instant Video



This 34-minute video explains ways of performing accuracy tests on kWh meters equipped with various types of demand registers. Shows how to test a demand register independent of a kWh meter. Covers testing the timing function and the registration function of both electro-mechanical and solid-state demand registers.

Training Sessions

Testing and Calibrating a Mechanical Demand Register, Part 1 – 12 minutes
Explains what a typical demand meter indicates. Identifies and describes several types of demand registers. Describes basic procedures for testing a demand register. Describes one way to field test a mechanical demand register.

Testing and Calibrating a Mechanical Demand Register, Part 2 – 12 minutes
Describes how to field test the timing function of a mechanical demand register. Shows how to shop test a mechanical demand register. Describes how mechanical demand register problems can be dealt with.

Testing and Calibrating a Solid-State Register – 10 minutes
Describes some basic characteristics of a solid-state register. Demonstrates how accuracy tests are performed on a solid-state register. Shows how a solid-state register can be reprogrammed.

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