Electric Power Engineering Handbook

This is not just a book, or five books, it's a reference library with the best technical studies ever published on key aspects of power generation, transmission, distribution, metering, and utilization. Each book has 20-25 reports, and each report focuses on one specific topic. So you get answers from experts to more than 100 of the most common issues that face distribution engineers. It's eerie, but when I need an in-depth study, one of these books always has a paper on exactly that topic. Written by experts in industry and academia, these reports help young engineers get up to speed, and experienced engineers expand their skills. Reviewers give this five-book set five stars.

Titles of the books in this set:

  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission, & Distribution, 732 Pages
  • Electric Power Transformer Engineering, 648 Pages
  • Power Systems, 513 Pages
  • Electric Power Substations Engineering, 497 pages
  • Power System Stability & Control, 396 Pages

    7" x 10-1/2", by Leo Grigsby 

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