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This 51-minute video explains techniques for troubleshooting single-phase transformers and three-phase transformer banks. How to identify a faulted transformer. Demonstrates how to isolate transformers and how to test for proper no-load voltage. How to identify a faulted single-phase transformer, isolate it, and test it for proper no-load voltage.

Training Sessions

Introduction to Transformer Troubleshooting – 4 minutes
Describes different types of transformer connections. Describes the basic differences between CSP transformers and conventional transformers.

Protective Devices – 11 minutes
Describes some overcurrent and overvoltage protective devices used with transformers.

Transformer Problems – 5 minutes
Describes typical causes of transformer outages, general considerations involved in responding to a trouble call, and possible sources of backfeed.

Isolating and Testing Single-Phase Transformers, Part 1 – 7 minutes
Describes how to isolate and test a typical wye-connected conventional transformer. Describes special considerations associated with isolating and testing a delta-connected conventional transformer.

Isolating and Testing Single-Phase Transformers, Part 2 – 9 minutes
Describes how to isolate and test a typical CSP transformer.

Troubleshooting Three-Phase Banks – 7 minutes
Identifies ways that single-phase transformers can be banked together. Defines poletop arcing and sympathetic tripping. Shows how to isolate and test a typical three-phase transformer bank.

Temporary Service Restoration – 8 minutes
Describes one way temporary service can be restored in a single-phase or three-phase application.

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