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Transmission Structures - Instant Video



This 57-minute video describes how transmission structure foundations are laid, covers three types of construction methods for erecting transmission structures, and describes two types of transmission structure foundations. Explains how transmission structure construction is planned and three ways these structures are erected.

Training Sessions

Introduction to Transmission Structures – 10 minutes
Identifies and describes the two main types of metal structures used on transmission lines. Describes three types of structure configurations and explains when each type is typically used. Explains what a right-of-way is. Identifies several considerations for transmission structure design.

Concrete Foundations – 12 minutes
Describes typical steps for preparing a job site for the installation of a concrete foundation. Describes basic steps for constructing and installing a concrete foundation.

Grillage Foundations – 7 minutes
Identifies the basic parts of a grillage foundation. Describes the basic tasks involved in assembling and installing grillage foundations.

Lattice Tower Erection – 8 minutes
Describes the basic equipment and tasks commonly used to assemble and erect a lattice tower using a gin pole. Describes the basic equipment and tasks commonly used to assemble and erect a lattice tower using one or more cranes.

Tubular Steel Pole Erection – 8 minutes
Identifies several common configurations of tubular steel pole structures. Explains how tubular steel poles can be assembled and erected using two basic pole section designs.

Structure Erection Using a Helicopter – 12 minutes
States two reasons for assembling a structure at a remote location. Describes in general terms how a transmission structure is installed using multiple locations and a helicopter.

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