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During an emergency, a tree crew may not be available, and it may not be possible to postpone a job. When this occurs, linemen often handle small tree trimming jobs, or work as part of a crew to clear large trees from power lines. This 29-minute video covers the basic tasks and safety precautions associated with emergency tree trimming work.

Training Sessions

Planning a Tree Trimming Job – 8 minutes
Identifies three basic steps for planning a tree trimming job and describe how each can be accomplished.

Working Safely – 10 minutes
Describes how to perform tree trimming work safely from a bucket truck and from a pole. Describes how to perform tree trimming work safely from the ground, from a ladder, and from a tree.

Controlling the Load – 11 minutes
Describes considerations that affect whether rigging is needed for tree trimming work. Identifies some commonly used tree cuts and explain when each type is used.

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Tree Trimming 2 - Study Guide
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Tree Trimming 2 - Instructor Guide
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