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A multimeter is an instrument that measures electrical properties such as voltage, current, and resistance. In substations, multimeters are commonly used for testing circuits, making adjustments, and This 61-minute video explains the purpose and operation of voltage testers, multimeters, clamp-on ammeters, and megohmmeters to measure current, voltage, and resistance. Safety precautions are emphasized throughout. Demonstrates how to perform voltage, current, and resistance measurements using the test equipment discussed.

Training Sessions

Using a Voltage Tester – 8 minutes
States the main purpose of a voltage tester. Names the parts of a voltage tester and explains how a voltage tester works. Lists the steps required to check out a voltage tester and explains why it is necessary to check out a voltage tester before each use. Shows how to use a voltage tester.

Meter Principles – 9 minutes

Lists the two general ways in which meters are classified. Describes the functions of a multimeter, a clamp-on ammeter, and a megohmmeter. Explains how a permanent magnet moving coil (PMMC) meter movement works. Shows how a current measuring device can also be used to measure voltage and resistance.

Using a Multimeter, Part 1 – 12 minutes
Identifies the switches, jacks, and scales on a typical multimeter. Demonstrates how to measure resistance and DC voltage using a multimeter.

Using a Multimeter, Part 2 – 12 minutes
Demonstrates how a multimeter is used to measure DC current and AC voltage.

Using a Clamp-On Ammeter – 8 minutes
Identifies the parts and features of a clamp-on ammeter. Explains how the scales on a clamp-on ammeter are read. Demonstrates how to use a clamp-on ammeter to measure current.

Using a Megohmmeter – 12 minutes
Demonstrates how to operate a megohmmeter. Identifies some of the factors that affect how much resistance insulation has.

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