Watthour Meter Accuracy Testing 2 - Tests – Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Watthour Meter Tests
Meter Test Formulas
Field Testing and Calibration
Training Sessions

Watthour Meter Tests – 9 minutes
Identifies two categories of watthour meter accuracy tests. Describes three basic types of tests for single-phase, self-contained meters. Shows examples of documentation typically associated with meter accuracy testing.

Meter Test Formulas – 8 minutes
Describes how the standard revolutions formula is used to determine the number of revolutions that should be registered by a standard during an accuracy test. Explains how the accuracy formula is used in testing the accuracy of a watthour meter.

Field Testing and Calibration – 12 minutes
Describes how to field test and calibrate a socket-type, self-contained, single-phase watthour meter.