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Working on Distribution Poles - DVD

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This 51-minute DVD explains the basic principles involved in working safely on distribution. It gives examples of how to accomplish the following jobs: replace secondary conductors, use a temporary crossarm, move energized conductors, and install dead-ends. Covers how to plan a job that requires climbing, how to work and maneuver near energized conductors, and how to install some types of material and equipment.

Training Sessions

Planning a Distribution Job – 6 minutes
Describes general considerations associated with planning a distribution job.

Replacing Secondary Conductors – 10 minutes
Describes types of conductor arrangements commonly used in secondary construction. Describes how open wire secondary conductors can be replaced with triplex secondary wire.

Paralleling Service Conductors – 12 minutes
Explains how to identify the conductors of two services to be paralleled. Describes how a new service can be paralleled using jumpers. Describes how a new service can be paralleled without using jumpers. Describes how an old open wire secondary can be isolated and removed.

Using a Temporary Crossarm – 8 minutes
Explains what an auxiliary crossarm is, and describes how an auxiliary crossarm can be used to support conductors while a broken crossarm is being replaced. Describes how a crossarm can be changed out by linemen working from the pole.

Working from an Insulated Platform – 9 minutes
Describes a typical insulated platform. Describes how linemen can work from an insulated platform to move energized conductors.

Installing Floating Dead-Ends – 6 minutes
Explains what a floating dead-end is and what it is used for. Describes how linemen can work from an insulated platform to install a set of floating dead-ends.

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