Wood Poles: A User's Guide to Inspection and Maintenance - DVD

This might be the best DVD ever made on how wood poles are manufactured, inspected, treated, and maintained while in service. It shows informative pictures of how insects and fungus attack poles. Options for treating poles are covered in detail. For linemen and pole inspectors, it demonstrates mechanical, electrical, and acoustic inspection methods and tools. It explains how to make wood poles last longer, how to treat poles with preservatives and fumigants, how to to find danger poles, how to reinforce weak poles, and pole records worth keeping.

The economic benefits of a pole maintenance program can be substantial. NYSE&G installed a pole maintenance program which saves $35 million every year. After viewing this DVD, you’ll know how to upgrade your pole maintenance program, all backed by solid science.

This DVD was created by Jeff Morrell, Forest Research Laboratory, Oregon State University. Professor Morrell also wrote Wood Pole Maintenance Manual, a companion document to this DVD.

27 minutes, by Oregon State University

Item Code: WOD-OSU

$ 95.00