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Working on De-Energized Transmission Lines - Instant Video



This 54-minute video explains principles and practices for working safely on de-energized transmission lines. It explains how a de-energized line could become energized if the proper safety practices are not followed. An approach to de-energizing, isolating, testing, and grounding a transmission line is presented. Describes or demonstrates how to use temporary grounds and personal grounds.

Training Sessions

De-Energizing, Isolating, and Tagging – 10 minutes
Describes the general procedures for de-energizing, isolating, and tagging a transmission line.

Induced Charges – 9 minutes
Describes how a de-energized line can become energized by magnetic or electric induction.

Static Charges and Ground Systems – 9 minutes
Describes how a de-energized line can become energized by static electricity. Describes three transmission grounding systems. Describes how grounding minimizes the dangers of induced and static charges. Describes how charges may continue to be present on a line at locations other than the point of grounding.

Field Clearance and Testing – 8 minutes
Describes the general procedures for obtaining a clearance on a transmission line. Describes how to test a transmission line to determine that it is de-energized.

Grounding – 8 minutes
Explains why it is necessary to ground a de-energized transmission line. Describes how to safely ground a transmission line.

Returning a Line to Normal – 10 minutes
Describes how to safely remove grounds from a transmission line.Describes the general procedure for releasing a clearance. Describes the general procedure for switching a line back into service.

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